The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Sean & I recently visited Seattle for my cousin, Steve's wedding. We had an awesome time!!! We stayed in Gigg Harbor, but also got to spend some time in Seattle. It was wonderful to catch up with family &
to meet some of Steve's friends.
I also had the privilege of spending some time with his fiancé, Jasmine, now wife, whom I adore!
Picking flowers out at Pike's Place! What a treat!! It was so special to be included! Mom, my aunt Shirley & I had a blast!
The market...

The bridal bouquet (below)

The fruit was amazing!! They even had "Oh my God Pears"

And they even throw fish!

Hiking at Defiance point near Gigg Harbor

Grandma & I at Gig Harbor. She turned 90 this year and has the legs of a 20 yr old! Doesn't she look amazing...always so trendy. If you look closely, you can see Mt. Reiner in the background.

The Space Needle

In the Space Needle

Chihuly blown glass exhibit....AWESOME!!

And last but definitely not least the reason we went to Seattle.... we only got a few pics at the wedding, because I was so taken by the beauty. The ceremony was wonderful, I was very impressed by the pastors message & took things from his sermon to apply to my marriage. The bride was exquisite! I wish I had better pictures, this is of my sister & I wishing her a happy wedding day & blessed marriage.

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