The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Sunday, April 20, 2014

4 months

Guess who's 4 months!!  This picture is very representative of this stage, because for the last couple weeks he hasn't been able to keep his hands out of his mouth!  

He is a happy boy most of the time, especially when he has had his naps (which he fights).  He has a sweet contagious smile and loves to snuggle!  

Monk and Ella have become very fond of him and LOVE cleaning up after his spit ups, which are frequent and large!  

We have discovered the Bumbo!!!  William loves it and so do we!! (Look at that core strength)

The Collin's household has been very busy since our last posting... I have started back to work, which is bitter sweet, I love my job and love have a little me time, but I also hate been away from our little guy.  We have a nanny who is working out well, her name is Shawnice and she seems to be bonding with Mr. William. 

William got his far share of wrestling matches, and got to enjoy an ACC championship ....

 Devin Carter and Sean with ACC trophy :)

and... Wrestling Nationals!!!  We took our first plane trip with Gramps (a trip I will never forget) to OKC for wrestling national.  He not only got to watch Virginia Tech wrestling place #8th in the country, but he also got to watch Devin Carter wrestle in the finals!!  

 I love wrestling, so I was thrilled to be at the tournament with William, but an added bonus was that it was in OKC (close to my family), so we met with Aunt Shirley, Uncle Rusty, Robin and Grams of course.  We also got to meet up with my good friend from residency, Nicole Willis and her husband and adorable daughter.

 Now that wrestling season has come to a close Sean has fired up the smoker.  He and his good friend Stephen Hypes are getting ready for a BBQ competittion in May.  If you are interested check out their Facebook page "Still working on it".

 Sean, William and I have also gotten to get out and enjoy the beautiful Virginia weather.  We took William on his first hike at Cascades, he loved it!

Whitney and Benji Latham (friends from residency) stopped by for a visit with their two boys, Marty and Atticus.  Marty is only 6 weeks and bigger than William!!   We had a great time catching up :)

Well that's all til next time...