The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Soo... I thought I posted this months ago and I did on my "other account"...opps

Happy Thanksgiving

I have heard that the Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving with mussels, interesting choice of food. Sean and I stuck with traditional turkey, fried and smoked of course with a little briscuit. We had a great time cooking, and we were definitely rewarded, not to brag, but the food turned out excellent, but the company was even better! The fried turkey took a little longer than expected, but there was no way we could start our Thanksgiving feast without it, needless to say there was no fried turkey left.

For 2 years now we have had the Virginia Tech throwers (discus, javeline, etc) over for Thanksgiving. Most of them are from somewhere in Europe (Croatia) so it is too far to go home, not to mention Thanksgiving is not a holiday they celebrate at home, so they come to our house :) We had a full house with 8 throwers, Randy and Stephanie Aldret (Stephanie is a VT sports med fellow and did her family med residency in Tulsa, Randy is an athletic trainer for Radford University) and our good friends Mark and Krista with their children Connor and Keagan. We have a big table, but I have to say we were a little tight and we ran out of chairs :)

What a great day! So many things to be thankful for, a wonderful husband (who went the store for brown sugar on Thanksgiving day!), two wonderful dogs, an amazing family that we missed, but are excited to see for Christmas, and amazing friends!

Two of the throwers we are the closest with, Sonic (Marcel, who will be throwing in the summer Olympics!) and Dortea (who will very likely show up in Olympics to come) are graduating in May, so we are not sure what will happen next year for Thanksgiving, but we hope to have a full house next year again. We are looking forward to celebrating many more Thanksgivings in the Collins household :)


Wow, so I couldn't figure out why my post were not posting and I realize, I accidentally have 2 accounts and I was posting them on another account also called Hokies in the Hollow!  Opps, so here is my last post from my other account...

Spring in Virginia is beautiful!! It is full of flowering trees, especially red buds!! To make the most of the beautiful spring days, Sean and I went for a hike just down the road with Monk (our dog). Here are some of the highlights :)

Our front yard :)

Sean and Monk ready to start hiking. They are standing just to the left of an old root cellar cut into the rock. Pretty cool :)

Pretty flowers :)

Break time

One happy pup! 

These are two of our newest editions... The beautiful husky we inheritted from our neighbor and are desperately trying to find her a home.  If you know anyone who wants a sweet, house broken, beautiful husky mix, please let me know!  The second edition is the Croatian flag.  It was a goodbye gift from a good friend of ours, Igor,  that recently went back home to Croatia.  We are looking forward to his return :)