The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Friday, July 12, 2013

Weeks 16 & 17

June 28- July 11th

Pregnancy stats...
How far along... 16/17 wks
Size of baby: a lemon/peach
Gender.. Not sure, will find out on July 17th if baby is cooperative ( Sean says girl, I say boy, maybe girl... I really have no Idea.
Baby's Movement..I am not sure maybe felt something here and there, but not really sure.
What I miss: occasional glass of wine, missing it less & less. I did give in & start drinking decaf coffee, it was quite good!
Symptoms..starting to be a little more forgetful, not sure if that's pregnancy or not, but that's what my excuse is :)

Big events... We moved & sold our house!!!!!! We had a ton of help & somehow got all of our things moved!! We are still unpacking, but are loving our new home. I have a better commute to work, Sean is closer to work & we have a baby room :).

My business partner Breann Bailey, MD moved to Richmond. We were so very sad to see her leave, she was is a much esteemed colleague & a wonderful friend. Wishing her the very best & look forward to her returning when her husband finished his residency. In the mean time I think I will be making more shopping trips to Richmond :)

Best moments... Seeing family (Mom Collins, Kurt & Serena)& friends (Adam & Sean) & sharing our exciting news! Ohh I have discovered that I actually do love baths!!!

The move....

New house :)

Unpacking... You can appreciate a little baby belly :)

Installation of chandelier!! Eek, glad I was at work!

Having the chandelier really made it feel more like our home, the flowers were a nice touch too :). Thanks mom & dad!

Farewell to Bre

The APCA Peds crew, (left to right) Carrie (our nurse), Sofia (pediatrician), Danielle (our nurse), Bre (pediatrician), Hope (pediatrician), & me

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  1. I loved seeing this and catching up with you! see you soon! xox!