The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 22-24

Dates: Aug. 9-Aug 23rd, 2013

Sorry guys I got a little behind on blogging....

How Far Along: 22-24 weeks

Size of baby: (22 wks) wt about 1 pound
(24 wks)  wt  about 1.25 pounds and 12 inches
Baby's development: starting to hear (even outside sounds) and taste buds are developing!
Gender: It's aBOY!!!
Movement: I William kicking a lot and moving a lot.  The movements are very distinct now and Sean can easily feel them.  It is pretty amazing!!  I feel them more after eating and drinking my decaf coffee or tea in the am, and especially when I am laying down for bed. 
Symptoms: I am sleeping well, no complaints most nights.  Still have some heartburn, thank goodness for Tums :).  Leg swelling that is pretty well controlled with my awesome leg sleeves.
My Activity: Still running some, but have slowed down a lot and walk a lot.  Wish I was doing more exercises at home, but haven't done much.  Sean and I are walking the dogs in the neighborhood a couple times a week which also helps.
Diet:  I still LOVE my carbs!!  But I am trying really hard to eat healthier as I have read Willliam's amniotic fluid will take on the taste of the foods I eat and may affect the foods he likes later on (and I would like him to be a healthy little eater).  I do still love my sweets (just like prior to pregnancy, but am trying to limit them also for weight control.  I am avoiding most tomato based foods and fried/greasy foods (except French fries) as they give me heart burn. 
Maternity Clothes: They are starting to fit and look cute.  I am starting to get out of the fluffy stage and look more pregnant.   I have found some cute maternity clothes and my family has been very helpful and supportive in the search. 
Shopping experience: I went to Roanoke for maternity clothes shopping and saw a girl that reminded me of me when I first started looking, she was distraught that noting looked good and she couldn't find anything and her sweet husband was sitting outside her dressing room telling her she looked beautiful, I just wanted to give her a big hug and tell her it will get better. 

My favorite things...  I love feeling the little guys kick!  I am talking to him more now that I know he can hear us.  I am also trying to be very aware of what music we listen to (throwing in a little classical here and there). 
Baby clothes shopping...I have gotten many wonderful, adorable outfits from friends and family (Thank you guys!!).  AND... I have started shopping for baby clothes!!  Yikes I think I may have an addiction!  I am having way too much fun with Zulily! 
Nursery: We are starting to work on the nursery (unknown in progress) and William's bathroom (underwater theme).   We have picked out colors (rich light brown for nursery & dark blue for bathroom) for both and will start the painting in a couple weeks.  We have ordered the crib and are thinking about nursery themes :).  But the bathroom is mostly done (except paint), Sean picked out most of the d├ęcor :) 

Cloth diapering:   This could be a whole blog on it's own!!  We have decided to cloth diaper and I have been research cloth diapers, WOW who knew there was soooo much to know!!  I have ordered 5 different kinds and am anxiously awaiting their arrival :)  I know most people think I am crazy, but it really much different now than it used to be the diapers are pretty amazing!!  Don't worry for those of you that think there is NO way I am changing a cloth diaper, I will keep a couple disposables for you to use when you come babysit :)   
How cute is this!!  This was my first purchased pair of cloth diapers :)
More to come soon.....


  1. you are cloth diapering?!?!? why havent you told me this?? we must talk! and yes, i think you are just a little nuts :)

  2. Cloth diapers are the best!! We did it before they were cute and trendy and look how great our children turned out!!!