The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Friday, October 12, 2012

Pacific coast highway

My mom, Aunt Shirley, Grandma and I are driving the Pacific coast highway. My aunt and mom have done a wonderful job planning the trip! We started in San Diego and drove up the coast to Carpintera (close to Santa Monica). We of course started the day at Starbucks (below)

The weather was quite nice, so we decided we would take the top down on our convertible. It sounded like a brilliant idea, until we realized where the top would go... in the trunk, where all out luggage was. We spent about an hour rearranging our luggage, so we could continue the trip with the top down. Thank goodness my mom and Shirley are great organizers and very clever, we didn't have to ship anything home and we may even have room for some light shopping :)!!

Notice the two suitcases in the middle. The drive was quite beautiful, it was wonderful to breath in fresh ocean air!! We had a few rain clouds, but no real rain.

Lunch at Chronic Tacos, what a crew :)

Santa Monica Pier was quite interesting, we got to drive out on it, the view was amazing! And it is where Route 66 comes to an end.

Further along our trip we stoped at Leo Carrillo beach and caught the sunset! It was absolutely beautiful!! There were several surfers taking advantage of the waves.

We finished up our drive ate at a wonderful restaurant called Zookers (delicious!!!). Now we are off to bed, more to come tomorrow, what a great start to our trip, great company, beautiful views and lots of laughs.

Location:San Diego to Santa Barbara

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