The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Monday, June 24, 2013

15 weeks

Well for those of you who don't know, surprise I'm pregnant!! My mom told me recently that you always remember your pregnancy, so I want to be sure I remember it accurately & keep all you up to date :).
Pregnancy stats...
How far along... 15 wks
Size of baby.. 4 inches about the size of a plum
Gender.. Not sure, will find out in a few weeks ( Sean says girl, I say boy)
Movement.. None yet, but I am sure it's coming, my last ultrasound he/ she was doing the Irish gig :)
What I miss: occasional glass of wine, and feeling in control of my body
Symptoms.. Morning symptoms improving, some residual dyspepsia & persistent hunger
Best moments... I am starting to realize there really is a little baby in there!! It is still hard to believe. Clothes & my growing belly have been a challenge for me, but my husband has been very supportive taking me shopping & my mom even bought me cute maternity clothes!! Many of my friends have also donated clothes which has made things much easier!! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful support system!
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