The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Princess half marathon!,

Sooo I am officially a princess after running my first 1/2marathon with my sister. We ran 13.1 miles (the longest I have ever run) and had princesses cheering us on!

We stayed at the Disney All Star Movie hotel, with 101 Dalmations theme :) My sister's favorite ever Disney movie (I think).

Shortly after out arrival we were welcome with two beautiful bouquets, sent by our parents :) They even matched our tutus!!

We started our morning at 3 am, donned in running gear and our homemade tutus!! (Mine is Hokie colors of course)

Then headed to the venue and prepared to run through Epcot & the magic kingdom with 26,000 other princes & princesses :)

They shot fireworks off for us & the fairy godmother started us with her magic words...

After a nap we hit downtown Disney & were sprinkled with fairy dust, ate like royalty & enjoyed wonderful music.

This is made out of Leggos!!!

Champagne toast for completing 13.1 miles!! :) followed by a delicious dinner at Fultons Crab House

Sprinkled with fairy dust.."bipodee bopodee doooo, may all your dreams come true"

Princess for a day :)

Socializing with the princesses :)

We were very proud to wear our princess 1/2 marathon shirts & metals on our way home. We also both bought 13.1 magnets to remind us of our great accomplishment!! What a fun trip! I see more 1/2 marathons in our future (my sister has already registered for her next one!)

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