The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 mile run

Sooo... I am training for the Princess 1/2 marathon with my sister, which I am soo excited about!!  However, I have not been sooo.. excited about all my runs, especially when I got plantar fascitis.  Then I found this quote on Pintrest that encouraged me that even though I have had some not so good runs to keep pushing through. 

This weekend was my 10 mile run!
I was pretty nervous about it, then it started snowing, and I got started late, so it was dark when I finished, but it was a great run.
Mile 1, oh no what did I get myself into... 

Mile 5, wow this isn't too bad! And I am 1/2 done!
Scenery along the way :)

 Ahhh... 10 miles complete!  Frozen eyebrows & eyelashes, but I made it!!  And even mustered up a smile at the end :)

This short blog is really for me to remind myself, how incredible our bodies are and to never underestimate their abilities.  I am on track for my training with only a few weeks left, I will definitely post pics post run :)

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