The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Monday, April 20, 2015


Happy Easter.....

William was not very enthusiatic about our first "photo session" as you can see....

But he perked up a little to hunt eggs

We practiced egg hunting in the back yard.  To prepare for the "big egg hunt"

Easter morning William opened his first Easter basket, it had all kinds of goodies, but the only thing he was interested in was the chocolate (of course)

We finally made it to the "big egg hunt".  Daddy practiced his BBQ skills to prepare for this seasons competitions.  William had his own little egg hunt, as he was not quite fast enough to keep up with the other kiddos

Our family picture... you gotta love the hair.....

Practicing walking with the best nanny in the world, Miss Christina

Then to top off a wonderful weekend, we had Amber, Jasper, Jett and Auntie Liz visit.  William loved him some time with Ber.  We can't wait from them to come back!!

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