The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Monday, May 4, 2015

New Orleans

Every year we go to JazzFest in New Orleans.  Last year we stayed home with our sweet baby boy.  This was our first time away from him.  He spent the week with Grandma Pat and Miss Christina, I don't think he missed us a bit.

Here are some of the high lights of our trip :)

Our first night, we (Steve, Jasmine, Sean and I) dined at "Fish", delicious food!

The next day we headed to Jazz Fest, of course....  We were greated by the traditional dancers

"Okay, but first Crawfish..." this was Jasmine's motto all weekend :)

Don't forget to suck the heads, it's the best part!!

We even fit in a little great music :)

After a day enjoying music we headed downtown... first stop Pat O'Briens

The cousins, Tom Leonard, Steve Burrington and me of course...

Sean wandered down the alley to capture this awesome sight, and discovered a bar that served bacon with your drink from 11-12!!!!  He was one happy guy!

 My drink wasn't bad either, she made us drinks with Tequila XO, Rum Chata and cool brew (coffee), absolutely delicious!!  May have been the best drink I have ever had (with the exception of straight tequila of course)

Then we had Saturday brunch at my very favorite stop, Commanders Palace.  The food was exceptional and the company (Sean, Ann, Steve Burrington, Tom & Sommer Leonard, Jasmine Burrington) wonderful!  Can't wait to go back next year!

Sunday at Jazz Fest we picked up where we left off... Sean met an old friend/athlete, Andrew Miller who now plays for the New Orleans Saints.  My favorite quote of the day was "that guy's big he should play football".  hehe

We enjoyed great artists, like Keith Urban, Hoiser, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett and to my surprise Pittbull (I loved Pittbull!)

Then there were the street preformers :)  They were the greatest!!

There were even artist, I was impressed with this one, a marionette was doing the painting!

At the end of the day we gave our chairs to a local, she was so excited she even did a dance for us.

Then it was time to go home... We had a wonderful time with family and exploring one of our favorite cities.  We will definitely be going back.  There was a little glitch in our travel plans, a severe storm hit the New Orleans airport.  Two tornados touched ground, all flights were diverted.  The airport lost power, then the generator died.  We finally gave in and rented a car.  We had a wonderful peaceful drive home.

The only disappointment was that we didn't make it home to tuck our little guy in... however, I Grandma Collins and Miss Christina kept him quite busy...

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