The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Thursday, January 23, 2014

4-5 weeks

William has continued to become more alert and interactive.  He is tracking (following objects with his eye).  He is cooing and seems to be more aware of his hands :)  Here are a few pictures from the last couple weeks :)  He is feeding well and hit 10 pounds this week!

Dr. William… my Mom and I set this up, he slept through the whole thing, even when we had to shake the bag to get him out!  

 He is destined to be an avid reader like his dad...

Family photos...

Rockstar dad :)

William and I try to go on walks.. we manage to get out on a walk about every other day

Both my mom and Sean's mom have come to stay with me (on two different occassions) while Sean has been on the road, which means I have not had to be home alone with William yet, which has been wonderful.  I have greatly appreciated the help they gave me.  


discussing plans for her next visit :)

William attended his first wrestling match, in hokie attire of course

 We have been overwhelmed by the generousity of friends and family and thier gifts.  Several people have knitted beautiful baby blankets for our little guys, which keep him warm on the cold winter days.  Below are some booties from Germany from one of Sean's althetes (Alex, National Champion in the Hammer throw)

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