The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Friday, January 3, 2014

William's arrival

Well as Sean would say, William would not be my son if he came on time.  Our little guy arrived on Dec. 15, 2013 (2 days after his due date).  Sean and I spent the night prior to his arrival running some last minute Christmas errands and going out to eat at one of our favorite resturaunts, Blackstone.

At 430 on 12/15/13, I started having contractions, by 730 we were headed into the hospital.  I was on the fence about getting an epidural initially, but after I learned what contractions really felt like when they were 3 minutes apart, I decided to go for the epidural.  The epidural slowed my contractions down and I was put on Pitocin.  At about 12 pm I started pushing and at 1:29 pm our little guys was born sunnyside up.  My OB, Dr. Kami Palmer was wonderful and my nurse Michelle was incredibly encouraging (especially at 1:15 when I said is he ever REALLY going to come!), not to mention my incredible supportive husband that stood by my side throughout the entire process.  My dear friend Katie Collins drove up from Charlotte, NC and arrived shortly after William was born.  Here are some pictures (most that Katie took :) )

William Joseph Collins 
arrived at 1:29 on 12/15/13 
weighing 8#13 oz and measuring 21.5 inches.

He had quite a lusty cry after he was born, which I attribute to good strong lungs and an irish temper

Michelle giving little William his first bath

First check up from his pediatrician, Dr. Sophia Abraham-Hardee. 

 My dear friend Katie with William and I :) 

 William in his new hat from Katie 

 Snuggle time

More to come soon.....

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