The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The first few weeks

After our first night home :) I had a lactation visit, as breastfeeding was proving to be as challenging as everyone warned me..  William had lost some weight and appeared jaundice, so we checked his billirubin.  To help his jaundice and weight gain we started supplementing... Here is Sean finger feeding pumped breast milk...

 It turned out that Williams bilirubin came back to high to treat at home, so he was readmitted to the hospital for phototherapy.  

William under bililights (he HATED the purple goggles and most everything about the lights...

His bilirubin successfully responded to lights and frequent feedings with supplementation of breast milk and some formula, the lactation specialist that helped me through were incredible!  Here is William showing off his battle wounds, I call this one Super Fin, as he resembles a super hero with the purple mask & Sean nicknamed him Fin...

We went home and continued to supplement and breastfeed and see lactation about every other day.  Needless to say I was very anxious about his weight gain, so my sweet husband bought me a food scale we could monitor Williams weight at home, to help ease my nerves.

We also were very fortunate to have our family during this time.  My mom and dad, sister and Sean's mom were all here for Christmas and to see our newest addition.  They were all very supportive and helpful during this stressful time.  Here's mom with little William :)

My dad with our little guy... although Dad much preferred to carry him in the Ergo baby or take him for bumpy rides in his stroller :)

My sister Liz  

Story time with both Grandmothers and Auntie Liz 

Then of course snuggle time with mom and dad :)

 William is hiding but he is snuggled in the blanket at my chest, Monk was very fond of William from the moment we brought him home and has continued to be his protector.  When William cries Monk whines!  He also is always trying to get a lick in to make sure William's hair lays just right...

Our little guy all dressed up for Christmas :)  I love how he holds his little hands. He is so content in his Dad's arms.

Tummy time!!!  And of course color coordinating cloth diapers ;)

The first couple weeks were much different than I anticipated.  Breastfeeding was MUCH harder than I ever imagined (To any and all mothers I silently judged for bottlefeeding, I am SOOOOO sorry, I had NO idea!).  And I am much more anxious and attached mother than I EVER thought I would be.  
 I have also discovered what is to be like to be a mom of a patient, rather than the doctor, is SOO different (i.e. I cried when my pediatricain told me we had to be readmitted and when lactation told me we needed to start supplementig with formula...both things I tell my patients all the time and follow with, it's really okay, this isn't a big deal...well now I know truly what a big deal it can be...)

Thank you to all my friends, family, doctors, nurses, lactaion specialist and my wonderful husband who supported me through these last couple weeks.

More to come on our beautiful baby boy.....

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